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08 March 2016

QTP Information

QTP Notes.
This section describes detailed information about QTP Features for beginners as well as working people. It explains QTP Tool fundamentals and features in detailed manner. It covers QTP architecture, QTP test process like Prepare to record, Recording the tests, Editing the tests, Debugging the tests, Running the tests, Defect reporting.
It also describes QTP main features like Object repository, object identification, Object Spy, Step Generator, Function Generator,Check points, Output values,Recovery scenario manager,Environment variables and  various tool settings.
QTP Scripting
This section provides a real-time approach on Scripting. It explains MS Excel scripts, Windows scripts, Web scripts, Database scripts ,File system object scripts, Xml scripts and Generic functions.
VB Script for QTP
This section covers all major VB Script Fundamentals and Features.
It describes, Variables, constants declarations, usage of operators, VB Script flow control statements, Procedures, Coding conventions, Regular Expressions, File system Operations, Database Operations etc..
QTP(UFT) Online Training
QTP Training (Advanced script with Real time scenarios) by Nagesh
QTP Interview Questions
This section provides interview questions on QTP.
QTP Certification
This section provides HP QTP Certification guidelines and model Questions, It useful for QTP test professionals for preparing Certification exam.
Quality Center
This Section Provides Quality Center Fundamentals and features; Site Administration, Creating Domains, Projects, and Users. Creating Requirements, Designing Manual Test caeses; Automated Tests, Executing Manual and Automated Tests and Entering defects. Sending Defects directly from QTP Result window.
BPT Frame Work